MEENA PERFUMERY INDUSTRIES Spreading  Quality Fragrance across the world from 64 years

We are the third generation Agarbatti (incense sticks) manufacturers with a proud linage that began by out grand father Late Mr. Honnusa.G.Kabadi ,who was making Durbar & Flora bathies for many royal families ( that includes many Maharaja’s, Ruler’s of india) & even Britisher’s were also found of these Agarbattis & used to take home some, as they were using this as room freshners, This Divine craft Later on Passed to his son Mr. Raghu.H.Kabadi Who founded MEENA PERFUMERY INDUSTRIES in 1968 & gave this Agarbattis a name & made them as most famous brands across the world.

Our Brands which are Meena Supreme, Meena Flora, Sai Amber, Nag Champa, Sai Siddanth, Meena Gulab, Meena Sandal, Meena Kewda, Meena Mogra… are very famous & have great demand in indian & overseas market.


Are being used since the dawn of the civilisation, it is almost used by all cultures irrespective of the religion, incense are mostly used as the retrocetive agent, it  converts the negative energy into positive one & it also acts as anti depressent. It is absorbed that incense is used in almost all religions in there religious ceremonies across the world. Incense is used in the meditation as it makes mind towards concious, from the resplendent of the sri rama to the gandhian era to the present day the use of incense has a place on all good ocassions. In the olden days valuable & rare drugs were burnt down in yagnas, yagnas were performed to spread a healthy atmosphere, to cure many dieases & even to bring rain when rains failed, to suit the busy life of the modern world, the form of  agarbattis  was evolved instead of the yagnas where lot of time & money is required. Agarbattis is nothing but a combitnation of various indian odoferous resins, aromatic herbs, gums, & natural essential oils made out into a paste & rolled by hands on bamboo sticks,for easy usage. These days many synthetic aromas have been analysed & they are being used in agarbattis thus burning of agarbattis is just form of mini yagna… Agarbattis nower days have been used across the world to worship god, meditation purpose & as room freshners, so to create a newer & more exciting mood for every day activities.